Forage, Pasture and Land Regeneration Sciences Programme

Afr4rica Lab is affiliated with the Forage, Pasture and Land Regeneration Sciences Programme (FPLRS), hosted by the University of Pretoria. By joining forces, Af4rica Lab and the FPLRS Programme enable post-graduate students, researchers and academics to gain experience in forage and pasture quality analyses. In doing so, students graduating from the FPLRS Programme with either an MSc or PhD degree, have been granted opportunities few in their field have been afforded. Click here for more information on the FPLRS Programme.

African Forage & Pasture

The African Forage & Pasture Quality Evaluation Programme, in conjunction with Af4rica Lab, aims to generate and provide a reliable and unbiased database for forage quality analysis. The database generated by the two entities will serve as an international benchmark for forage and pasture quality. It will continuously improve itself, generating the most encapsulating and species-specific database for the African continent.